Always Believe

It was a quiet, early Sunday morning last September when the idea of writing a memoir of the Nolensville Little League’s historic run to the 2022 Little League World Series occurred to Evan Satinoff, and so sitting in his home office, putting his fingers to the keyboard, he began doing just that.

Never in a million years did he ever think he would write a book; however, having the opportunity to give something special back to the players, their families, and the community was something Evan truly wanted to pursue.

We Believe – A Small-Town’s Journey to the Little League World Series was written with passion and from the heart. The reader is taken on a trip from start to finish in this memoir, which documents Nolensville Little League’s journey to one of the most celebrated youth sporting events of all time – The Little League World Series held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

From paying homage to the trend setters, the 2021 Nolensville Little League World Series team, to recounting inning-by- inning, pitch-by-pitch details of the most magical run of the 2022 team, making it to the Little League World Series U.S. Championship game, this memoir reveals priceless behind-the-scenes stories that will capture every passionate baseball fan’s heart.

Of special note, also, the Nolensville boys of summer recount their favorite on-the-field and off-the-field moments and the life lessons learned throughout their summer-long journey to the Little League World Series. Eleven months in the making, We Believe was finally released in August and can be found on,, and other retailers where books are sold online. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Nolensville Little League.

Enjoy the read and Always Believe!

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