A Surprise in Every Corner

“This isn’t like any other shop.” 

When Wild Blue Market’s customers say this, Deltah Roberts knows she’s on the right path. When you visit Wild Blue, a new gift and home décor boutique on the edge of Nolensville and Antioch, in Burkitt Ridge, you’ll find a mix of artisan-made, hand-made, and small-batch items curated locally and globally. 

Deltah, a former real estate agent, home stager, and artist, opened Wide Blue Market in June. She grew up in the area and loves that the people of Nolensville are incredibly supportive of their small businesses.

 “I wanted to find a path that would make me and the people around me happy. Something creative and joyful for this chapter in my life.” It sounds like a tall order, but Deltah found the answer while she and her husband were traveling in Europe. “The inspiration came from some of the charming little shops in Italy and Amsterdam,” she said. “The locals knew each other, and the shops seemed so warm and inviting.”

“I did home staging for my team and other realtors, and I knew how simply changing some key pieces can refresh an entire room.

“When I buy stock for Wild Blue, I think in terms of specifics. Maybe I’m shopping for hostess gifts. When I find something special, then I’ll search for an item or two that pairs well.”

“I work hard to maintain a unique selection so that as little as $20 will allow you to leave with something you love.”

Deltah goes beyond merchandise. 

“People are welcome to come in and have a cup of coffee, chat with Scarlett our Golden Retriever, and spend some time away from all the stresses of today. It makes me feel so good when people tell me they’re here just to unwind. I understand because I feel good here as well. I know I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. That’s one of the best feelings in the world.”

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