Art According to Sydney

Sydney Schwartz of Nolensville has an infectious giggle. It’s a lovely tinkling sound, like something you want to be a part of. Luckily, it’s easy to join in since it floats in and out of the just-turned-15-year-old’s conversations.

Sydney’s artistic talent manifested by the time she was in first grade. It was obvious enough, showing such early promise, that her mom and dad felt art lessons outside the classroom were warranted.

“Her grandmother is a talented seamstress,” said Mindy, Sydney’s mom. “I always enjoyed drawing but didn’t pursue it beyond a hobby, and there are other family relatives who have a variety of creative abilities.” 

In 2021, when she was 12, Sydney drew a deer for a church-sponsored fundraiser, and last year, the newly opened boutique named StillWater asked her to draw a Cardinal companion. StillWater carries the young artist’s creations, featuring the beautiful designs on mugs, tea towels, and other items. 

Fortunately, Sydney was prepared to handle her walk into the commercial world of art through a school project challenging her to market and sell her creations.

Sydney’s art is well beyond the sound of her sweet giggle, as is her philosophy toward the importance of art in her future.

“It’s all been an incredible experience, especially working with the commercial aspects,” she said. “Art is my future, and I want to make sure I never fall out of love with it. I don’t want it to become ‘just’ a job, ‘just’ a way to pay bills. I think it will be up to me to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“I’m starting to accept commissions, and that opens more new experiences. It makes me stretch my talent, which is good. It pushes me to reach my goal of having my art go beyond me. I think my art has always been older than I am, and I consider that another good thing.”

For now, Sydney prefers working with ebony pencils.

Lynden, her 12-year-old sister, expresses her artistic bent as a very talented dancer.

Sydney’s work may be seen at StillWater, 7292 Nolensville Rd. in Nolensville’s Historic District.

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