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Ethan Hoffman – Mold It: Spreading Smiles, One Mold at a Time

In the heart of our community, there’s a business that’s as colorful as it is inspiring. It’s a tale of creativity, entrepreneurship, and giving old crayons a new lease on life. We sat down with Ethan Hoffman, the mind behind Mold-It, to dive into his journey and discover the vibrant world he’s created.

Ethan’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited at a young age, driven by a desire to find unique ways to earn a living. He recalls how he would constantly brainstorm business ideas, though many seemed far-fetched. However, fate had a surprise in store for him on a Valentine’s Day years ago.

“I found a heart-shaped mold and a pile of broken crayons in a cabinet,” Ethan said. “I decided to melt down the crayons and give the colorful creations to my classmates as gifts.” Little did he know that this small act of creativity would spark the beginnings of Mold-It.

The following year, he encountered the same heart-shaped mold and decided to take things a step further. “I wanted to sell them this time,” Ethan said. After Valentine’s Day came and went, the idea of turning this “hobby” into a business began to take shape. It wasn’t until a fateful visit to Joann’s, where he stumbled upon a holiday-themed mold, that the concept truly came to life.

“That holiday mold piqued my interest,” Ethan said with a smile. “I started selling seasonal molds for different occasions.” And so, in 2019, Mold-It was born, breathing life into old crayons and giving them new purpose.

What sets Mold-It apart from other businesses in the industry is its sheer uniqueness. “We do something that just hasn’t been done before,” Ethan said. Their products, characterized by imaginative shapes and vibrant colors, distinguish them from the competition.

Over the years, Mold-It has evolved and expanded its product range exponentially. “We’ve used over 150 molds in the past five years,” Ethan said. However, this journey has taught him valuable lessons in adaptability. “Business needs to constantly adapt with the times,” he said. “Nothing is certain. Something that sells well one week may not sell the next week.”

Mold-It’s success story is peppered with surprises. Some of their best-selling products were initially underestimated, while others that seemed promising failed to gain traction. The ever-changing nature of business has made Ethan appreciate the importance of flexibility and staying attuned to customer preferences.

For Ethan, the most rewarding aspect of his work is the joy he brings to his customers, especially children. “I love seeing the look on kids’ faces as they walk by my booth,” he said. “It always makes me so happy to see them leave with a big smile.”

While there isn’t a specific customer story that stands out, what truly warms Ethan’s heart is the loyalty of his patrons. “I feel proud when customers seek me out show after show,” he says. “It’s an honor when someone goes out of their way to support me.”

Beyond the colorful molds and imaginative designs, Mold-It has a strong commitment to sustainability and giving back. They take old crayons that would otherwise be discarded and breathe new life into them.

“I give old crayons another chance to shine,” Ethan said. Moreover, Mold-It embraces the spirit of philanthropy. Every quarter, a percentage of their profits goes to a random charity, ensuring they make a positive impact in their community.

In a world that often emphasizes the importance of creativity, entrepreneurship, and compassion, Mold-It stands as a shining example. Ethan Hoffman and his team at Mold-It are not just crafting colorful crayons — they’re crafting smiles, memories, and a brighter future for their community.

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