First Responder Darren Standiford

Working as a first responder means exactly what those two words say. Something happens. You drop whatever you might be doing, and you respond to that something. You respond fast, so fast that you’re frequently the first one on the scene.

A basic instinct for helping people, and for doing whatever is needed whenever it’s needed, has guided Darren Standiford his entire life.

“I was a fireman in Hendersonville,” said the 36-year-old. “I also worked as a convalescent EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) before joining the Nolensville Fire and Rescue as a First Responder.”

There was also a stint sandwiched in there installing emergency lights on vehicles such as police cars. Everything he’s done during the 18 years since graduating high school has led him to where he is right now.

“I knew while I was still in school that I didn’t want to spend my life sitting at a desk,” Darren said. “I also knew I wanted to help and to contribute to my community. My days as a First Responder are anything but predictable, and I like that.

“Sure, there are some situations that can be dangerous, but our training includes ways to mitigate that danger by making good decisions. One of the most satisfying aspects of the job is knowing each member of the team is highly trained and committed, and we all have one another’s backs.”

Darren was promoted recently to the rank of Lieutenant. He’s proud of the achievement but added “My happiness and my contentment aren’t based on my position or rank. I want to contribute to the health, welfare, and safety of the people in Nolensville. My grandparents live here. My parents live here, and my wife and three kids are here. That gives me a pretty deep vested interest in what happens.

“I want to know that I and all my teammates are trained to take care of them in the event of any kind of emergency. The rank doesn’t matter as long as everyone, from the highest to the lowest, is able to put forth the level of effort needed to keep everyone safe. That’s what gives me confidence.”

When everything is said and done, it’s the attitude shared by Darren and his teammates that allows Nolensville residents to sleep well at night.

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