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The HIVE Performance and Training Center is Nolensville’s newest training center, offering individuals a place to achieve their fitness and sports goals.

“I wanted to build a facility that I could be proud of and help people in our community become the best versions of themselves,” said new owner Brock Murray.  

Brock has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has an MBA in Healthcare Management. He played sports competitively and currently coaches a competitive youth travel baseball team. He is also a Level 3 CrossFit coach. While pursuing his MBA, he conceptualized The HIVE.  

“I began training in CrossFit myself and noticed I was quickly getting in the best shape I’ve ever been,” Brock said. “I felt great and was able to keep up with my three very active boys. I wanted to bring CrossFit to my community and create a space where my kids were going to receive a high level of sports performance training.”

In June, Brock purchased the facility and added new and unique offerings. 

“In addition to CrossFit, we offer CrossFit Kids, Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training, Youth Sports Performance Training, and Team Off-Season Strength and Conditioning,” Brock said. “We’ve added more equipment, a sauna, and cold plunge tub, and we provide 24-hour access. We are also building strategic partnerships to bring services such as Golf Performance Training and Physical Therapy.” 

The HIVE is more than a gym. While a lot of other places have equipment, play music, and get people to sweat, Brock said that what The HIVE continuously strives to do better than their competition is coach. 

“There is a tremendous amount of trust you place in a coach and trainer, and we want to honor that by ensuring you’re working out safely while achieving your goals,” Brock said.

Brock encourages you to try The HIVE and experience their coaching first-hand.  

“Maybe it starts with a CrossFit class,” Brock said. “Soon, hopefully, the whole family is committed to being healthier and stronger. Through our coaching and training, we hope to help each person become the best version of themselves.”

2011 Johnson Industrial Blvd, Unit D, Nolensville, TN 37175


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