Golf Brothers: from Nolensvillle to Collegiate Competitors

The Twerdahl family made their way to Nolensville in the chilly month of February in 2007. Liza Twerdahl had two young sons, Jackson and Bo, in tow as they embarked on their new chapter in this quaint Tennessee town. The boys were poised to enter the local educational system, beginning with Sunset Elementary, then progressing to Sunset Middle School, and eventually Nolensville High School. 

Jackson, the older son, would later graduate as part of the Class of 2020, a significant cohort for it was the first freshman class when Nolensville High School first opened its doors. Bo, his energetic and competitive younger brother, belonged to the Class of 2023. Together, they embarked on a golfing journey that defined much of their adolescence. 

Their father, Ned Twerdahl, had carved a career as a Golf Professional and General Manager for various Linkscorp LLC golf courses throughout the Southeast. As the boys grew up, these golf courses served as their sprawling playground, a place where they honed their skills and developed a love for the game. However, formal instruction from their golf-savvy father didn’t come until Jackson, around the age of 10, started seeking help to refine his swing. It was an entirely organic process, a father passing down his passion and expertise to his sons. 

The Twerdahl brothers possessed an innate athleticism and a fierce competitive spirit. From a tender age, they eagerly dabbled in various sports, from soccer to baseball, flag football to basketball, all organized through Williamson County Parks & Rec and Nolensville Youth Athletics. Their interests were diverse, and they embraced them all. 

Around the ages of 9 and 12, they decided to channel their competitive spirit towards golf and joined some programs at Little Course. Their ambition was to compete, much as they did in their other sports. In 2015, Liza, their devoted mother, embarked on a mission to make this dream a reality. She meticulously researched the Sneds Tour, Tennessee’s Junior Golf Tour, and enrolled her sons in summer tournaments. The brothers quickly ascended from the Tour Division to the more competitive Masters Division. 

Their journey on the Sneds Tour continued for several years, marking a significant chapter in their junior golf careers. Jackson, in particular, drew the attention of UTM Coaches Jerry Carpenter and Austin Swafford during the summer of 2019. This led to him signing on to play Division I Golf at the University of Tennessee at Martin in the fall of the same year. Jackson pursued a double major in Finance and Accounting and actively contributed to the university’s athletic community. He served as the Golf Team Representative on the UTM Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Also, he found himself working on the Sneds Tour Staff, where his dedication and talent earned him the title of 2023 Sneds Tour Summer Staffer of the Year. 

Bo, not one to be overshadowed, had his own moment in the spotlight when TSU Coaches Parrish McGrath and Sulman Raza recruited him in January 2023. With great excitement, he signed on to play Division I Golf at Tennessee State University in the spring of the same year. Unlike his brother, Bo remained undecided about his major, keeping his options open as he embarked on his collegiate journey. 

A remarkable milestone unfolded in the Twerdahl brothers’ golfing careers when, on September 18-19, they found themselves competing in the same college field for the first time. The Grover Page Classic, hosted by UT Martin at Jackson Country Club, provided an emotional and thrilling experience as they continued to pursue their passion for golf at the collegiate level.

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