Gwen Noe: Empowering Leadership and the Journey of StillWater

Gwen Noe’s path to becoming the owner of StillWater, her dream store in
town, was fueled by her passion for people and a desire to make a positive
impact in her community. When the opportunity arose to buy a building in
the Nolensville Historic District from the 1880s, she saw it as a chance not
only to preserve a historic structure but also to fulfill her vision of a social
and inviting store.
Drawing inspiration from strong women who know what they want and work
strategically to achieve their goals, Gwen doesn’t have a single role model
but rather a combination of many. Her biggest inspiration is the woman she
envisions becoming — a compassionate and effective leader.
Gwen offers valuable advice to young women aspiring to be leaders. In her
view, a true leader earns respect through her actions rather than demanding
it. She emphasizes the importance of showing respect to others and treating
everyone with kindness and patience. A leader should lead by example,
never asking others to do something she wouldn’t do herself. Continuous
self-improvement, a willingness to learn, and the ability to mentor others are
essential qualities for a successful leader.
To Gwen, honesty, a strong work ethic, and respect for others are the
cornerstones of effective leadership. Leaders should have a genuine love for
what they do, because that’s what fuels their passion and commitment to
their work. Also, a humble leader acknowledges her mistakes, apologizes
sincerely, and takes corrective actions when necessary.
Dealing with stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential
for any leader. Gwen finds solace in prayer and quiet time, which allows her
to rejuvenate and regain focus. She cherishes spending quality time with her
husband and family, making a conscious effort to leave work matters at the
In summary, Gwen Noe’s journey as the owner of StillWater exemplifies the
power of following one’s dreams and being a leader who leads with integrity
and empathy. Her commitment to preserving history, empowering her
community, and creating a warm and inviting space reflects her dedication
to making a positive impact. As Gwen continues her journey, her leadership
serves as an inspiration to those around her and sets an example for
aspiring leaders to follow.

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