Holli Oglesby: Following Her Antiquing Passion to Business Ownership

Holli Oglesby’s journey into entrepreneurship was rooted in her childhood experiences of going antiquing with her parents. Starting with a booth at an antique shop, Holli’s passion for antiques grew, leading her to open multiple booths and eventually work at The Village Antiques & Gifts. Little did she know that her visits to the shop and the friendship she formed with the owner, Sheila, would pave the way for her to become the new owner of the business.

When asked about her advice for young women aspiring to be leaders, Holli emphasizes the importance of thorough research and prayer. Understanding the area and whether the business is a good fit is crucial. Deciding between running the business alone or with a partner and seeking divine guidance are equally important factors. Holli believes that with the right research and genuine prayers, aspiring leaders can overcome any discouragement and succeed beyond their dreams.

As the owner of The Village Antiques & Gifts, Holli has learned the essential qualities of a successful leader. Prayer remains at the core of her approach, guiding her decisions and actions. She recognizes the significant time commitment required to run a business and encourages young women to listen to their hearts, enjoy their ventures, and understand their customers’ desires.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance and managing stress are essential aspects of entrepreneurship for Holli. She finds solace in prayer and ensures that she takes some time each week to step away from work and focus on other aspects of her life.

For Holli, having her spouse involved in the business has been invaluable. Starting or buying a business that both partners enjoy running together fosters a strong support system and allows for bouncing ideas off each other. With her husband’s involvement, Holli feels better equipped to navigate both her business and personal life.

Holli Oglesby’s journey from antiquing enthusiast to business owner exemplifies the power of passion and determination. Her advice to young women is rooted in her own experiences and highlights the importance of faith, research, and finding joy in the pursuit of their dreams. As the owner of The Village Antiques & Gifts, Holli continues to inspire others with her dedication and love for the world of antiques.

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