Home Grown Service Done Right

It’s a typical Friday morning, and Calab Doores is busy looking out his bedroom window. The sun is shining, and birds are chirping as he slips his fingers through the blinds — a welcome sight when you consider a few days earlier, he thought lousy weather would force him and his crew at Affordable Lawn & Landscaping (A.L.L.) to lose a day from an otherwise busy week.

As one could imagine, he kissed his wife and baby son goodbye and wasted no time returning to work.

“When it’s a pretty day, you’ve got to take advantage,” Doores said with a laugh. “[Work] doesn’t stop until it’s dark, and most of the time, it doesn’t even stop then. It might for other guys out there, but not us.”

That eagerness to provide homegrown service one happy customer at a time has been at the heart of Doores’ business model since he started 15 years ago. Back then, he was just a high school kid with a truck, trailer, and some lawn care equipment. He didn’t have anyone helping him, either — just him tirelessly working from one lawn to the next. But he built a reputation for quality work, and he took the time to master the tasks he wanted to offer down the line. 

Today, Nolensville residents view Affordable Lawn & Landscaping as a one-stop shop for ALL outdoor landscaping needs. And when they say they do it all, they mean it. Affordable Lawn & Landscaping’s services include mowing, trimming, landscape design, outdoor lighting, drainage, sod, irrigation installation, tree removal, dirt work, snow removal, and more. 

And to sweeten the deal, Doores now has a team of lawn care experts to ensure everyone has the perfect yard.

“It’s definitely much bigger than just me and my truck and trailer,” Doores said. “It’s cool to stop and look back on how far this company has come. I remember working literally every weekend by myself, working my way up and trying to get by … and now here I am with five or six guys working for me and two or three trucks. It’s a full-service company — just what I wanted.”

These days, Nolensville residents have more options than ever when finding quality lawn service. But their needs are also constantly evolving. Beyond the standard mowing and edging service, homeowners may want a fresh look for their landscaping before summer gets here. They may even have a few overgrown trees or inferior irrigation. Knowing they can make one phone call rather than work with numerous contractors to meet their needs is a breath of fresh air.

“We try to do it all — basically everything in the outdoor needs category,” Doores said. “I like being that one guy who shows up and can do it all versus forcing them to go through different contractors to get everything done. It’s easier on the homeowner.”

He added, “It’s less they have to deal with, and that makes me happy.”

When Doores isn’t working, he’s busy spending time with his wife, Paige, and their baby boy, Ryder Wayne. He and Paige have been together for eight years (married for two) and make quite the formidable tag team as Paige helps handle all the behind-the-scenes stuff when she’s not working full-time as a school teacher.

“It’s nice that she can handle many of the things that are over my head, like the computer and paperwork side of the business. She’s the guru there,” Doores said. “The good news is that business is going strong, and it’s nice to know that we can focus heavily on the Nolensville area and stay busy. We get a lot of our business through word of mouth and Facebook, and we can’t thank those people enough.”

To learn more about Affordable Lawn & Landscaping, including their 5-star reviews and a portfolio of their most recent work in the area, please visit them on Facebook. You can also call (615) 522-7142.

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