Malcolm Sheppard: From Player To Coach

For Malcolm Sheppard, the field was not just a place of competition but a platform for shaping lives. It’s been a few years since he left the field. The former Razorback defensive lineman who played for the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans is now enjoying his life as a family man. He is committed to his big family — his wife, three kids, and all those students he has coached. 

Sheppard, who last played pro football in 2013, is a coach for Nolensville Youth Football. He has been creating players for more than six years. In his own words, the journey has been an interesting ride. 

“Life as a coach is wonderful. Coaching, for me, is therapy.  If I am having a bad day, it all goes away when practice starts. If it’s going well, then it gets even better. I am privileged to have the opportunity to coach in this community. I am privileged and thankful.”

Sheppard started his football career as a college student, and now he empowers young students and helps them improve their sports skills. “It’s a special process to see the kids develop in the sport and as competitors,” he added. 

Incorporated in 1996, the Town of Nolensville is flourishing as its population continues to grow. Nolensville Youth Athletics has seen remarkable growth in enrollment in youth sports. No matter what career they pursue in the future, playing sports as a student helps young men and women discover themselves and build confidence. Sheppard says it’s exciting to see the numbers growing every year.

“He taught me how to catch the ball and how to never give up,” a student at Nolensville Youth Athletics said. 

“When he made me keep trying, keep trying, keep trying until I got it, he clapped for me and said good job, Brody, and gave a pat on my back,” 8-year-old Brody Boon shared how his confidence is boosting. 

Sheppard is carrying forward the legacy of the great life lessons he learned from his coaches while learning football. He recalls how important it is to build trust between a teacher and a student. 

“My coaches served as father figures to me. I remember each of them in a special way. I desire to develop all of the athletes to be fighters in life. It’s what I want for my children. I want them all to fight for their existence in this world,” he said, “I am hopeful and excited to see what these youngsters do in life.”

Sheppard runs a company and is involved in several other community activities in addition to teaching at Nolensville Youth Athletics. He lives his passion for football by mentoring young students at the institute. His daily schedule often looks chaotic, but he enjoys his responsibilities. His afternoons are devoted to coaching.

Ambition, commitment, and desperation are the top three qualities Sheppard believes every person who wants to make it big in sports should have. He sees that hunger and enthusiasm in many young men and women around him. 

“I dream for them,” Sheppard said. “I am sure they dream for themselves. I envision seeing some of these youths I get to work with now playing for the Varsity Knights in Nolensville and surrounding high schools.

“My message for all young guys is — dream big and don’t be afraid to fail.”

Sheppard and his wife are blessed with three wonderful kids: two sons (Kannon and Kassius) and a daughter (Kymarie). All his children are playing sports at the moment. However, he doesn’t pressure them to continue sports. The couple says the kids will be fully supported in whatever careers they pursue. 

The Sheppard family is Louisianian in spirit. Louisiana is the family’s favorite vacation destination. 

“We love the state and appreciate the food and culture there. We have fond memories in Louisiana. Our children are always excited to go. It’s a constant vacation spot for the Sheppard family.”

No matter how many world destinations Malcolm travels to, he prides himself on his family-friendly, small town. He moved to Nolensville for a better quality of life for himself and his family. 

“I have been a resident of Nolensville since 2018.  This is home. My neighbors in my community are family at this point.” 

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