Mama’s Java: More than Just a Great Cup of Coffee

Since 2010, Mama’s Java has grown from a simple coffee shop into a multi-service restaurant and catering success.

Walking into Mama’s Java, you see the giant bean roaster room behind a large glass plate wall. Immediately, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and bacon floats amidst the hum of banter. There are Mama-created coffee beans along the wall, such as Chocolate Whiskey and Island Angel; you notice the eclectic chairs and the never-ending thank-you notes on each table. 

Melissa Hall has been the proprietor of Mama’s Java since 2010. Her thriving business has overcome a tornado, a nationwide Pandemic, and a shifting community from rural farmers to family homes built on the same farms.

“Our growing community has been inspiring. Five years ago, Nolensville was a handful of restaurants and quaint shops,” says Melissa. The growth has spurred Melissa to create new opportunities.

In 2021, Melissa hired Jaina Hall to be Mama’s Java’s Manager, and since then, Mama’s Java has expanded its hours and menu while improving service.

“We want a great experience for our customers. We added menu items, but have your favorites of coffee, eggs, and bacon. We now have avocado toast, specialty salads, and vegetarian dishes,” says Jaina.

“Our success is built upon the relationships we have in the community and being more than a coffee shop but a local partner,” says Melissa.

The partnerships include school and sports teams across Nolensville, the Nolensville Artist Guild, local business people, and town events like the Veteran’s Parade and the Annual Buttercup Festival.

“At Mama’s Java, we can cater any business meeting or event with a unique budget-friendly menu,” says Jaina, “for example, we cater pharmaceutical rep meetings providing roll-up trays, bakery items, and carafes of coffee.”

The growth mindset embraced by Melissa and Jaina excites them for new opportunities.

“We welcome new catering events. We host a Church on Sundays, providing great food and service in an easy-to-find location with ample parking,” says Jaina. “We host birthday parties and business focus groups. For years, Mama’s Java has been the chosen caterer for the bridal suite at Mint Springs Farm. We take great pride in providing great food and service for any budget.”

“We can support ‘spirit nights’ for local groups, pop-up shopping, especially for the upcoming Holidays, or specialty coffee beans for a local business looking for a unique way to thank their clients. Our ideas are endless,” says Jaina.

To host a memorable event, contact Mama’s Java with your catering or unique event ideas.

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