Meet Angela Daly: Cultivating Community and Passion for Food at Oh My Chives

A deep passion for food and community, as well as her upbringing, inspired Angela Daly’s journey into entrepreneurship. With a mom who ran a small business, Angela knew from an early age that she wanted to follow a similar path. She started her career working at Bloomsbury Farm and attending farmers’ markets, igniting her love for food and its power to unite people.

Throughout her journey, Angela has drawn professional inspiration from the remarkable women she has encountered. From high school onwards, she has worked for women deeply involved in their communities, proving that being a good person and a successful entrepreneur go hand in hand. Angela works alongside incredible women at her shop, Oh My Chives, and she is inspired by their ability to pour back into their team members — a quality she aspires to cultivate in herself as a leader.

Angela shares her insights gained from her experiences for young women aspiring to be leaders. She acknowledges that being only 19 when she opened her business meant she had much to learn and that she grew alongside her venture. The key lesson she holds dear is taking care of her team and community. Gratitude towards customers and clients who support the business plays a significant role in Angela’s approach to leadership.

Angela believes it is essential for a successful leader to genuinely cares for the people around them. Her focus on people and community reflects the heart of her business, where she creates an inviting atmosphere for everyone involved.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is challenging for Angela, but she remains mindful of the unwavering support she received from those who believed in her during the early stages of Oh My Chives. The recent addition of her 6-month-old daughter, Hattie, has brought even more perspective to her life and business. Angela cherishes every moment with her team, knowing that they have been together through thick and thin, sharing life’s joys and struggles.

As Angela and Oh My Chives embark on their first season with some staff heading off to college, she reflects on the bittersweet experience of watching them grow from young teenagers to mature individuals. Hospitality is a significant aspect of her business and personal life, and witnessing her team members mature has been amazing.

Angela Daly’s journey as the owner of Oh My Chives showcases the power of passion for community and a deep love for food. Through her leadership, she exemplifies the importance of caring for others, nurturing a welcoming environment, and cherishing the moments spent with her team. Angela’s story inspires young women looking to make a positive impact on their communities through their own entrepreneurial pursuits.

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