Nolensville Blue Watch

Have you heard about Nolensville Blue Watch? Chances are, you haven’t. Nolensville Blue Watch is a 501c3 non-profit that is operated entirely by a volunteer staff. Our focus is specifically on the officers of the Nolensville Police Department. We are not a part of the city, and we are not legally connected to our town’s police department. However, for the benefit of the officers, we do work hand in hand with Nolensville’s Chief of Police, Roddy Parker, and the Assistant Chief, Mike Terns.

The primary concern of Blue Watch is the welfare and well-being of Nolensville’s individual police officers. Our goal is to be their backup in times of a work-related injury, family sickness, or any other personal event that may lead to additional stress in their lives. We will even help with the purchase of equipment that the city cannot provide. We want the officers to know we are always there to help, and with the support of you, our community, we can make that happen.

The funding for Blue Watch is typically generated through t-shirt sales, car sticker sales, and donations from our community. You will see our display at most city events. We are usually set up next to the police department. We are also starting annual membership programs for Blue Watch. Business owners and families will be proud to display their Blue Watch stickers at their businesses or at their homes. If you are a business owner or a family in Nolensville, please join Nolensville Blue Watch to show your support.

Unfortunately, our t-shirt and car sticker sales do not generate enough funding to support our cause. Thankfully, there are other ways to donate. Please go to our website and make your donation there. If your family or business is interested in becoming a member of Blue Watch, please email Rick at the following address, and he will contact you.

Annual business and family memberships are offered in three levels, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. In the recent past, we have most likely visited your business, but either the owner was not available, or you were too busy to speak with us. Please make an effort, contact us, and join. Our police officers will appreciate your help, and you will be proud to display your Blue Watch membership to the community.

Blue Watch will be hosting our own fun, family-oriented events in the future. We hope you will all attend. If you have an idea for a Blue Watch family fund raising event, please drop Rick a note at the email address above. Thanks for your time and may God bless all of you.

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