Nolensville Boys Basketball Q&A with Assistant Coach Giudace

by Drew Giudace

This is my 2nd season coaching at Nolensville. We expect to compete for both the District and Regional Championships with a shot at playing in Murfreesboro for the State Tournament. There will be little to no separation between everyone in the 8-school all-Williamson County district, which will demand our best all season. It will all come down to how we gel and play at the right time in February.

Who are your key Seniors?

Jaden Clark is our leading scorer (13 ppg) and rebounder (6 rpg) and started all 30 games his junior year. Lucas Pring started 29 games as a Junior and averaged 7 points and 4 rebounds per game. He led the team with 22 charges taken. Carter Henninger started 26 games as a junior before missing the end of the season with an illness. Carter averaged 8 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists per game. Adam Mickulin played major minutes off the bench in 29 games as a junior last season. He is expected to be a starter and main contributor this year on both ends of the floor. He’s a big man who can play inside and outside on offense, a true matchup problem. Jayson Harris appeared in 21 games as a junior last season. He’s an athletic, slashing wing who can attack the rim and is one of our most dynamic and athletic players when healthy.

Top players to watch?

The same 5 Seniors mentioned prior. BJ Hall (sophomore, Guard) started 19 games as a freshman last year. A relentless defender with non-stop energy, BJ is a leader on & off the floor. MJ Taylor (junior, Guard) played in 27 games off the bench as a sophomore, and was the most improved player on the team this Summer. He is an attacking guard who is tremendous at getting in the paint and finding open teammates. Trent Rodefeld (junior, Guard) appeared in all 30 games, including 10 starts, as a sophomore. He is a scoring threat and a smart player off the bench.

Any new players that will make an impact this year?

Luke Madsen (junior, Guard) has made a lot of plays in the Fall pickup. Talented player. Excited to see him continue trending the right way. Talented sophomores are expected to push for playing time as they mature and learn details: Chris Johnson (sophomore, Forward), Kyson Barney (sophomore, Wing), and Kael Barney (sophomore, Wing). Two gentlemen who will join us late from the Football field and are good enough to find a role: Jonah Osborne (junior, Forward), Oliver Bender (sophomore, Wing).

Freshmen to keep an eye on: Collin Robinson (Guard).

What should fans know about this team?

We are deep. Every guy in uniform is good enough to make a play at the varsity level. There will be competition in practice to earn playing time. Because of our depth, we will be more of a pressing team this year. We want to run, trap, substitute constantly, and wear the opponent down by always having fresh energy on the court.

Anything else you want to say about this year’s team?

If each player attacks his role and we have a team-focused mentality, this group can make a run from February into March.

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