Nolensville High Tennis

I have been the coach since the school opened in 2016. This is BY FAR our most talented team since our inception. When I first started, I was recruiting basketball players who were just out of season to come help us have six players to make a team! I was even lending out racquets each spring. Flash forward to now, and we have over 30 boys and girls filling a full varsity and JV team. That being said, expectations are high. We are especially hoping to get our first win over our rival, Ravenwood!

One of our key seniors is Bryton Heringer for the boys. He is an extremely consistent player who has been in the top six all four years. 

For girls, the entire middle of our lineup is anchored by our seniors. Lucy McGowan, Jillian Wilson, and Calliana Kondolios are hoping to lead our girls to our first Top Four district finish in school history.

Some top players to watch: The Vornhagen Twins! The #1 boy and #1 girl for each team both have the same last name! Juniors Laney and Eric have both worked extremely hard and look to have big seasons playing at the top of the ladder. They are actually triplets, but the third Vornhagen is a star in the Nolensville Band!

Another player to watch is junior Desi Kelley, who has turned himself from a “sandlot kid,” playing as many as five sports a year, to a full-time tennis player. His athleticism is fun to watch as he covers the court with great speed, and he loves to come in and finish at the net.

For anyone coming to watch, we would love to have you at the Nolensville High Courts this spring! I am proud of our team and all their growth, and you will surely see high-level tennis with any district match in Williamson County. Come out and enjoy our newly installed fan-benches, net signs, and our new windscreens to help the viewer experience! Hope to see you on the courts.

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