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Practicing What He Preaches

The acceptance of alternative or more natural medical procedures has experienced significant growth in recent years. Chiropractic medicine is one of the most obvious leaders in this category. Ask Dr. Harrison Higgins, owner and chief practitioner at the recently opened Mill Creek Chiropractic clinic
in Nolensville.

“I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible via chiropractic adjustments,” Dr. Higgins admitted. “We’ve all experienced machines that malfunction. Think about the times you got in your car, turned the key, and nothing happened. The reason for the malfunction is often poor maintenance.

“The body is the highest functioning machine on the planet,” Dr. Higgins said. “It must be maintained to avoid the shock of waking up one morning with back pain so intense you can barely get out of bed. Somewhere along the way, we probably skipped proper maintenance.” 

Both Dr. Higgins and his sister were high jumpers as teenagers. Both sustained painful injuries while twisting and bending their bodies into unnatural positions.

“We chose a chiropractor for treatment,” Dr. Higgins said, “and we made a successful return to athletics. To this day, chiropractic adjustments are an important element in my continuing
healthcare routine.”

Dr. Higgins said there are hundreds of techniques available. “But my preferred methods are hands-on adjustments. I’m doing everything I can to spread the message, and it’s gratifying to see more and more people opening up to this drug-free option.”

One of Dr. Higgins’ primary concerns is to never guess at the underlying cause of a patient’s problem. “That’s why I insist on x-rays, so we can target immediately the required focus of
the treatment.”

That also means Mill Creek Chiropractic must stay on top of the latest technologies. One of the most sought-after treatments is non-surgical spinal decompression for relieving back pain and related issues. Frequently, the space between the discs in the spine decreases. This places more pressure on the discs and nerves, causing pain. Spinal decompression is done on a table, gently stretching the spine to relieve the pressure. The procedure allows tens of thousands of individuals to return to a normal, pain-free life.

“It’s difficult to predict how many sessions will be needed,” Dr. Higgins said. “But it’s wonderful to watch people as they feel better and better. That’s my mission because I honestly know how
they’re feeling.”

Dr. Higgins practiced in Tampa, Florida, for the last five years. He decided it was time for a geographic move, visited Nolensville and fell in love with the area. 

He began seeing patients on January 2. He’s devoted to his work and unafraid of risks and challenges. He’s willing to do whatever is necessary to see more and more people walking pain-free around his new community. 

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