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Serving the Town with Full Hearts

One of the most loved auto repair shops in Nolensville, J & Company, recently celebrated its first anniversary. The business has won the heart of the town in such a short time, and the Vivrette family is grateful for the overwhelming amount of love and support they have been shown their first year.

At J & Company, when they say they are family-owned and operated, they truly mean it. Stacy, Jay’s wife, works at the shop, their daughter Emily is the service manager, and their son Parker is the parts advisor. Lucy and Ace are happy to greet you and entertain you while you wait. 

“Jay and I have been absolutely blown away by the wonderful people in this town,” Stacy said. “And it has just further validated our decision to open up shop here and made us feel like this is where we were supposed to be all along and can’t imagine doing this anywhere else.”

Jay and Stacy Vivrette operate their business in the same location where Thomas Brothers Auto Service was located. Jay used to work part-time at the shop in the early 90s. The couple has remained close to the Thomas family through the years, and Melissa Thomas had mentioned to Jay that she would like to see the shop opened again. Jay and Stacy agreed they would give it their best shot. In August of 2022, they set the wheels in motion and began renovation, not knowing what the future would hold for them. 

“To be able to come back to the town where I grew up and do this in the shop where it all started with my wife and kids is absolutely a blessing from up above,” Jay said. 

“Melissa Thomas passed away in October of last year, and it was extremely hard for all of us because we owe it all to her and her family,” Jay said. “None of this would have been possible without her. She was our biggest supporter, and we can’t help but feel a peace that we were able to fulfill her request of seeing this shop open again before she passed away. It brought her so much joy the last year of her life, and we are thankful for that as well.”

The name J & Company was chosen with the belief that the family wouldn’t be where they are today without the invaluable support and relationships built in the auto repair industry over Jay’s 34 years in the business. 

“From family, customers, coworkers, and friends, and the opportunity that came from Melissa Thomas, Jay and I feel endlessly grateful for all those who have supported us, and therefore we chose to honor them by naming our business after them,” Stacy said. 

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