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Tennessee Tough: Quality Spas Built with You in Mind

There’s nothing like enjoying a relaxing evening in a custom hot tub. Let’s be honest — after a long day at work, “Relax, You’ve Earned It.” 

There’s something to be said for knowing the people who made that spa, complete with all the bells and whistles, in a variety of colors and sizes. What’s more, Four Winds Spas is a trusted local company, and their plant is just down the road from your backyard.

Four Winds Spas in Smyrna, Tennessee, has been a leading manufacturer of quality hot tubs and swim spas for over three decades. Complete with a retail space and showroom, they have the styles, sizes, and options to customize any spa experience.

“We are a locally owned and operated manufacturer and are proud that our products are well built, American made, and available at true factory-direct pricing from our showroom,” general manager Todd Porter said. 

Whether it’s hydrotherapy treatment, a place to relax, or a family fun center, Four Winds Spas can create the perfect spa for you — right down to the color of the acrylic, the size of the spa, lighting, and a host of other key amenities and options. They use only the highest-quality, American-made parts, which means they’re built to last. 

They also partner with some of the industry’s finest names, including Balboa, Lucite, CMP, Core Covers, and Aquatic AV.

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