The Bee’s Knees

LJ Craft began in 2018 when a ten-year-old Nolensville native and entrepreneur was interested in woodworking and making root beer for sale. The brand was formed to showcase the current and future crafts of Landon Gehring. The LJ Craft brand expanded this past year as Landon, who is now a second-year beekeeper, expanded his apiary and harvested over 350 pounds of honey.

It is a family operation with Dad (Mark) overseeing facilities and production, Mom (Francine) managing the finances and marketing, and Landon participating and learning all aspects of the business. Landon builds the bee boxes, harvests and packages honey, and even formulates the lip balm. Honey and lip balms can be found at Miller’s Grocery in Christiana and Goin’ Postal in Brentwood. Products are available for local pickup or can be shipped by visiting their facebook.

Landon hopes to add more vendor shows and expand product offerings this year to include lotions, soaps, and candles. When taking a break from the bees, Landon is active in BSA Troop 298 and is a Top Maverick at MCMS where he works at the Maverick Café and participates in technical theater.

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