Thriving With Instruments

Playing drums in a local church, 10-year old Dominic Amato realized how much he loved musical instruments. Little did he know that one day the Nolensville artist would perform for Pope Francis at the World Meeting of Families in front of approximately one million people. 

“The World Meeting of Families in 2015 in Philadelphia was televised worldwide,” Dominic said about one of the most memorable moments of his career. “The atmosphere was unreal – it was like being in a movie, I’ll never forget it.”

Born into a family of musicians, Amato, no wonder, was destined for music, and he’s been doing that for 23 years and counting. 

“I remember being so inspired as a kid when I heard a great musician or saw an exciting concert. I want to give back with my music and hopefully inspire others.”

Dominic built himself up as an artist, producer, music director, multi-instrumentalist, and educator by working extensively in Phoenix and Nashville. He has done a large number of shows all around the world. With over a hundred performances every year, Dominic enjoys his life in the world of music while making everybody around him happy. He also has performed for the 2023 Super Bowl NFL Owners Reception. 

“Being able to play music allows you to express yourself in ways that words cannot,” Dominic said. “Playing music at a special event or concert brings people great joy. I’ve participated in many special parties, receptions, and concerts. Knowing I had a hand in creating special memories for people is a blessing. I also strive to be an inspiration through my music.”

Dominic is also the music director for Sister Sledge, who just finished producing a new single for them. The song “Happy Place” will be out later this year. He’s been touring with Sister Sledge as their music director for 13 years. 

“It’s an honor to produce for such an iconic group. I’m grateful. They gave me the freedom to bring my ideas to the table on this song and create an arrangement that features incredible live musicians, real strings, live horn section, percussion, and an amazing
rhythm section.” 

Dominic is releasing a new single as an artist called “Good News” this summer. He is also working on a full album and planning to release it around fall. 

As he continues thriving in the industry with the love and support of his team, family and fans, he is equally aware of helping the local community grow with his company. He is the founder of A-Group Entertainment, which provides entertainment for corporate and public events and private parties. “My family and I love living in Nolensville. We’ve been here since 2017, and we’ve met many wonderful people. We are excited about the growth and diversity coming to our town. We are grateful to be able to serve our community in Williamson County and the greater Nashville area. If you live in Nolensville, you get a friendly neighborhood discount on our services!”

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