Where Listening is an Art

“Patients need a friendly, welcoming healthcare environment where the healthcare provider listens to them. It is impossible to address a patient’s needs if you don’t take the time to get to know who’s in front of you. Getting to know someone means taking the essential time to listen to each patient,” said nurse practitioner Shannon Rappe, who opened NOLO Family Practice in Nolensville in October of 2022.

Those words are music to thousands of ears in a healthcare world where more and more patients feel like numbers herded through an every-fifteen-minute revolving door.

Shannon has been a Nolensville resident for 14 years, earned her Doctorate degree in nursing at Belmont University, and has invested 24 years in what she considers a way of life rather than a profession.

“For me, it’s about developing relationships with the patient and the patient’s family. I want to provide the best care to help them achieve their goals. That means I must connect with each patient. That connection comes through creating a sense of trust, empathy, and compassion that is felt when you walk into my clinic.”

As a Board-Certified nurse practitioner, Shannon offers the same services as a general practice medical doctor, from pediatrics to geriatrics. She prescribes medications, initiates referrals, and offers on-site lab testing when needed. Nolo Family Clinic provides a broad spectrum of care, including chronic disease management, preventative care, weight management, and much more.

“My goal is for my patients to reach the highest possible level of wellness that offers the best quality of life,” Shannon emphasized. “To me, it’s a personal honor to walk each one through their healthcare journey.”

One patient review said, “I have never felt better walking out of a doctor’s office.” More music to the ears!

NOLO Family Practice is open five days per week and plans to add evening and Saturday appointments soon. Walk-in and same-day appointments are also available.

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