Personal Training for People Over 40 Right Here in Nolensville

For those of you who don’t know Ethan Painter, he’s a personal trainer and exercise physiologist with more than 15 years of experience and the owner of Odyssey Fitness located in Nolensville. You might have seen Ethan at local charity events (Art Helps Cancer or the Nolensville Food Pantry) with his wife Julia, running his dogs Bill and Charlie through the Burkitt Place neighborhood, or swimming with his children Matthew and Claire at the pool.

A native of Ohio, Ethan earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Youngstown State University. He started as a strength and conditioning coach, but soon realized he had a passion for personal training. Following that passion led him to the Cleveland Clinic, where he was a fitness specialist. Ethan then moved to Nashville for a job at the inpatient cardiac rehab department at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Deciding to get back into personal training, Ethan started Odyssey Fitness in 2017, doing both corporate wellness and personal training.

In 2020, Ethan and his family made the move to Nolensville, where he realized there was an opportunity to offer a fitness service other than CrossFit or boot camps, so he started personal training from his garage. Quickly growing in the first six months, he realized he needed a bigger space and moved into 2011 Johnson Industrial Blvd. in 2021. After adding more trainers, Lizzie and Alexis, Odyssey Fitness has grown to just under 100 members in a year’s time and continues to expand its fitness community focused on people age 40 and over.

Why does Odyssey Fitness work with people over the age of 40?
“They typically have more realistic goals. They’re tired of extreme exercise programs and don’t want to crash diet every few months. Our members are looking for a more sustainable approach to health and wellness, which is why I love working with them,” he said of his clientele. “We also really focus on that age cutoff to give our members a comfortable workout experience that the bigger gyms can’t provide.”

What type of services does Odyssey Fitness offer its members?
“We have personal training options to meet everyone where they are!” Ethan said. “Our one-on-one is for someone looking for a more private setting. Our semi-private is good for you and a workout buddy (husband/wife, parent/child, etc.) The small group (4-5 members) gives you a more community-based environment. Regardless of the personal training service you choose, your workout is personalized to your current fitness level and mobility issues. You don’t have to think about anything — we take care of everything for you!
“We also offer nutritional support through our app. This gives you a personalized registered dietician meal plan and a grocery list completely free! It’s everything you need to be successful with your eating habits,” he said.
“In addition to our nutrition and personal training services, we also provide 30-minute one-on-one stretch recovery sessions. A trainer will work with you on our massage table and passively stretch your hips, lower back, and shoulders. Our members absolutely love it because it reduces their stiffness and allows them to move pain free! It’s been such an awesome addition for our members.”

What to expect from an Odyssey Fitness workout?
“Absolutely NO burpees or any type of jumping exercises! You can still get a great workout without all that high impact on your joints.” Ethan said. “Typically, people who have done those high-impact workouts are tired of how their joints feel. I always tell them ‘If CrossFit or boot camps aren’t the right fit for you, we are.’”

How do you get started at Odyssey Fitness?
“We make getting started with us as easy as possible! We offer a free 28-day trial with no contract or credit card. It’s a complete open book to all our services to see if Odyssey Fitness is the right fit for you.”

If you are over 40, wanting to feel confident working out, would like to lose weight, and don’t want to give up your favorite foods or do endless amounts of burpees, then click the link below today to take advantage of their FREE 28-day trial!

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