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Candace Peters – The Smiling Postmaster

Have you ever seen something and knew immediately that’s what you wanted? 

For Candace Peters, when she first saw Nolensville, she knew that was the community she wanted to be a part of. From Nolenville’s atmosphere — unique and appealingly small-town with plenty of shops and restaurants to explore — to its people — friendly and welcoming who make it easy for newcomers to feel at home quickly, Nolensville became Candace’s goal.

Specifically, being Postmaster in Nolensville became Candace’s mission, and Nolensville is lucky to have her. With the postal service for nine years, Candace is happy, even exuberant, and often seeks out her customers for a chat. Her passion for her work fills almost every day with a Christmas-style spirit. 

Originally from Massachusetts, Candace started as a clerk in Springville. “The next step was as a supervisor in Smyrna,” she said.

She made her way to Shelbyville, Tennessee, and it was during her tenure there that she became familiar  with Nolensville.

“I saw it, and I loved it,” she said with unbridled enthusiasm. “I recognized it instantly as a community I wanted to be a part of, and I was determined to get there.”

So Candance let it be known what she wanted. “My chance came when the previous postmaster left for a location closer to home.”

She took the time and effort necessary to get the job. “And boxes and suitcases were packed for Nolensville. I was still in my 30s,” Candace said, “and honestly, I was proud and grateful for what I’d accomplished. Whatever I had to do to get there was worth it.

“I’m a customer service person,” she said. “I’m self-motivated and goal-oriented, and I care genuinely for my customers. It’s a great pleasure for me to just visit with them.”

So the next time you need stamps, to mail a package, or to have your mail held, stop by the Nolensville Post Office on Oldham Drive and embrace the energy. 

“The plan for my future is to retire from the Nolensville Post Office,” Candace said. “Which is about 35 years down the road!”

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