It’s All About Community

Walk into Tower Community Bank, and you will quickly notice it doesn’t feel like a typical financial institution. It features a more friendly atmosphere, befitting its name. 

“Our claim to fame is we are a community bank,” said Nolensville native Hunter Battle, Tower’s executive vice president and president of the mortgage division based in Nolensville. “We really do mean that. We try to do things that help our communities become better places to live, work, and raise a family.”

In Nolensville, that means sponsoring a Little League baseball team, town farmers market, and Nolensville Buttercup Festival, and supporting the Nolensville Historical Society. Plus, it seeks ways to help with small business lending and outreach to borrowers who have moved to the United States and pay taxes but are not yet legal citizens. 

“There are some 20 million of those people in the country, and if you have paid taxes for the last two years at least and have an EIN card that the IRS issues, then we will help you with a home loan,” he said. “That’s a niche we found with not many players in it yet. Until now, we’ve been among the few players in that business. 

“We’ve helped quite a few people who otherwise couldn’t get a home to get a home. We’ve done a little more than $100 million in business in the last three years. It’s proven to be a good business. Those folks have a delinquency rate of zero.”

Founded in 1970, Tower Community Bank now has eight total branches. Battle opened the Nolensville office six years ago and has succeeded so much since then that they are looking to build a larger facility in the historic district.

Tower Community Bank is a full-service entity that provides commercial, residential, personal, and auto loans, plus other amenities. Battle said because loan decisions are made directly at the branch, they can be determined quickly and with more creativity than typical large institutions. 

“That’s one of the best things about a community bank, and I’ve been with both,” he said. “Community banking is more fun.”

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